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Bethany Vaughn

I am a photographer that strives to capture images that tell stories.



I am Bethany Vaughn, the photographer behind the camera. I have 4 kids and a husband, and live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. My passion is to capture real genuine moments in life and when you look at the image, it will bring you back to that time and place. I know you hear this a lot, but I have perfected capturing memories and love to be there to document a time in your life.

What is it that drives me?

It's the history nerd in me, the old photo album from grandmas house, and the modern society that needs to have high quality images. I strive to capture light, (literally), and shadows, and depth in each image.

I want you to feel when you see the image. Feel the love, laughter, joy, hunger, peace...I want you to be remembered, because you play such a huge role in someone's life.  I'm a photographer because one day, those memories will be all you have left...and I want to capture the simple beauty of it.

That is what drives me.

I specialize in High School Seniors, Family, and Event Photography, documenting in a unique, photojournalism style.

I Hope to Work with you!


Bethany Vaughn

Simple Beauty Photography