Simple Beauty Photography


The Meyers backyard

One beautiful Saturday Morning, I got up at the crack of dawn and headed down the road to meet the Meyers. The weather was perfect for a fall day, and I felt like I wanted to stick my head out the window (like a dog would) and let the air hit me in the face...but I didn't. I drove over rolling hills, and reached my destination, a beautiful house sitting on Lake Michigamme.

Very serene.

A dog came out to greet me and then kids. They invited me in as the kids were getting ready for the family portraits. I asked the dad if he had any special chairs...he had the kids go get their "special" lawn chairs. I knew this would be an adventure.

20 minutes into the portraits, the dad asked me (I think he was joking now that I think about it) if I wanted to hike up to the top of the mountain with the family, for portraits. Now, Im sure every other photographer would say "Haha! Your funny. Now sit down and smile"...but me! No...I wasn't about to let this opportunity slip through my fingers. For photography isn't just for sitting, it's for living! Right??! 

All, 4 kids and mom and dad, and the dog, hoped onto the atv.  The 5 year old drove us to the starting point.  I realized he wasn't joking when he said it was straight up. But Im from Alaska! I can't say no to a little jaunt up a mountain. I would never live it down if I missed an opportunity to get to know their passion a little more.

You see, the Meyers are the "outdoors" type. Love the lake, love the snow, and spend alot of time with each other. The little boys even race snowmobiles and the oldest girl water-skis (the pyramid style). Hard.Core! But what I really saw was the love for each other. 

We hiked up the mountain, and it wasn't easy. The rocks were covered in moss, and it was literally straight up. We all made it to the top, climbed some trees, and saw the view of Lake Michigammme. Yes, it was "Simple Beauty".

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