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She had me at Hello

I met Katie in Khols while I was hunting for something to wear on my anniversary. If you know me, I don't like to shop and would be just fine walking into a store, picking out a solid colored shirt, and going home. Katie loves to shop and was helping her mom at the time we met. I wasn't shy about asking "hey, you want to help me pick out something cute?" Katie didn't skip a beat, and immediately started asking me what I liked. I was a Katie fan! I envied people that knew the math equation of "what goes with what", and she was a genius. I didn't let her go without handing her a business card and telling her how much Simple Beauty Photography could use her expertise.

She had me at Hello.

Katie is our fashion stylist. Not only is she great at fashion, she has 4 kids under the age of 5. And they are ADORABLE. Such happy kids and fun! They definitely know how to rough house...but then are obedient when asked. What blessings they are.

I'm happy to have met Katie and her family. Here is a little peak into 30 minutes with them.

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