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First I have to start by saying, I haven't blogged in years. Im having a hard time starting....or focusing on the words I want to say. So, I'm just going to do it...Im starting. There is a starting point to everything and a point you look back and it's all a journey documented.

SO, Here I go.

Lets go back to May 2015. At this point in my career, I was making a big decision to open a studio, and put myself out there in the real world running a business.  Don't get me wrong, the buisness part wasn't new, but a store front was. This was doing something I had never done before. It. Was. Scary. It was the fear of failing holding me back (which is normal). How was I ever going to know if it was possible to share my talent if I didn't try?

Hannah messaged me inquiring about becoming my 2016 Senior Representative. (First, the Representative Program is designed as a marketing tool...but I think of it a bit differently. I think it's real life tools to give these kids in the Small Business world, and I want to see who they are and what they are becoming.) I met with her and she had a great sense of confidence to her. She listened to my goals and how she could help me.

Our shoot was a blast. Her best friends (I call the paparazzi) came to every shoot. LOVED.IT. You could say, It was the best first shoot ever! She's fantastic! I couldn't stop smiling the whole time and she was a blast! At one point, we were doing the "Country Shiek" know in a field of grass. I told her to look like a hot cowboy was walking towards his tight wranglers. Her friends behind me were acting like they were going to lasso her in...could not stop laughing....

Then we went to the boat dock. I was planning on a couple shots with the floating docks and her friends. I turned around, and there was a couple on this boat...just chillin in the water. Can you believe Hannah knew the people?? (Yes, we live in Marquette) And not only that, they invited us on. kept getting better and better.

Before I go, I did get to know Hannah. She is a true leader and always there for others. She takes care of herself and is very involved in the community and furthering her education. She is very active in sports, and is such a great example of success through hard work and effort. I couldn't have asked for a better Senior Representative and only hope the very best for her future.


Bethany Vaughn

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